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Workshop I:

«Money vs Mindset»

Date: Mon, 24th of October 2022

Time: 20:15 - 21:30

Place: Room 09-012


Content and Goals: 

In this workshop, we will discuss happiness as a scientific concept. Participants will gain practical insights on how to measure and maximize their own subjective happiness - not by earning more money but by altering their perspective!


Nicolas Dietiker…
…Entrepreneur & Coach

…President & Founder of WintiSpeakers

…Former Banker & Strategy Consultant

…Former TEDxHSG Moderator


Hilarie Burke... an American movement theater artist who taught and performed    

   internationally for 20 years as Producer and Artistic Director of Silent Partner

   Movement Theater. an accomplished Toastmasters International Member (over 10 years) and      

   won international speech contests.

…is the artist and creator behind her hand bag company Hark Designs.

Workshop II

«Body Language»

Date: Mon, 12th of December 2022

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Place: Room 24 - 0131

Content and Goals: 

A workshop on effective body language, where you will discover what is comfortable for you, how to recognise habits, stretch boundaries, and learn tips on how to create interesting stories!

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