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Workshop I:

«Effective Speechwriting»

Date: Mon, 21st of March 2022

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Place: Hybrid (Room 09-012 & Zoom)


Content and Goals: 

Participants will receive a guide to write their speech while focussing on the content. You will learn how to write speeches that deeply move your audiences. Additionally, you will get for free a Speech-Worksheet, a concepts summary and an e-book.


Alberto Halfeld…
…has been writing and making short films since he was 12.

…is currently working as a screenwriter for a film producer in the USA.


Helen van Dadelszen... a presentation coach and trains professionals on their communication skills.

...founded "Present Potential" combining her professional background in HR Management and recruitment and personal experience in theatre and singing.

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Workshop II

«Boost your Voice-Work»

Date: Mon, 16th of May 2022

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Place: Hybrid (Room 09-012 & Zoom)

Content and Goals: 

Participants will learn how to add variety and colour to their voice to better engage and enchant the audience. During the practical workshop you will learn how to breath effectively, discover some warmup techniques so that you can use your voice more effectively and comfortably, learn about the 4Ps of vocal variety, practise speaking with more passion and conviction. 




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