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Public Speaking at the HSG -

Toastmasters St. Gallen

 Effective Communication. Leadership. Improvisation.

Join us and improve your skills
on Mondays at 20:15 at the University of St. Gallen or via Zoom

Current announcements

As the semester is underway, we will continue with the weekly meetings - please stay up to date with the club's events with the calendar below :)

In addition, we are proud to celebrate 10 years of Toastmasters St. Gallen! Our club has birthed many leaders in the past and strives to keep doing so in future.

This semester we will be featuring a panel discussion on reconciling different ethical reality (Dec. 18th). Stay tuned for that! Sign up sheet is online.

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Upcoming Events

When we meet

The Toastmasters Club Experience

You are interested in growing your public speaking skills in an open-minded and supportive community? Learn how the club can be your first step of an inspiring journey.

What we do
Charles Schwalt Chan,
Bachelor of Arts HSG Economics

As a Bachelor’s student, I had difficulty connecting to my peers and doing academic presentations with confidence, since these skills were never actually taught to me. I could not speak with honesty or precision.

Toastmasters has turned me into a confident speaker and a better listener. People around me have commented on how more attentively I listen to them, making them more comfortable talking to me about personal topics. Moreover, I was able to conduct study meetings and presentations more precisely, getting my point across clearly in a short period of time. 

Marko Barbic,
Master of Arts HSG Accounting and Finance

I never gave many presentations at the university, so I knew that I sucked at it, but did not know whether it was my lack of talent, training, or both. Since I was in my last semester and had to practice for job interviews, I wanted some certainty.

Joining the club prepared me well for spontaneous discussions and job calls. It boosted my confidence and helped me discover and work on my weaknesses.  Most importantly, I believe that public speaking and taking the lead are valuable skill that transfers to many aspects of life. At Toastmasters you can grow your comfort zone and get an unfair advantage in stressful situations.

Hsiaoyin Chang,
PhD Insurance Economy

Public speaking was actually my deepest fear. As I knew I could not run away from it, I decided to embrace it.
Through practices in Toasmasters, I’ve conquered my stage fright, gained a lot of experience, and learned useful techniques, which are super powerful for my conference presentation and provide a solid bedrock for my professional career.

Siiri-Mall Musten
CEO of a consultancy for FutureFIT Leadership

I joined Toastmasters St.Gallen a year ago to improve the ways I deliver my purpose and messages to the world as an entrepreneur. I received a warm welcome and I love the diversity of our group in terms of nationalities, age, background and levels in professional speaking.

To my great surprise, as an introvert I have started to enjoy being on the stage and feel more confident. I am receiving compliments from my customers and collaborators on my public speaking skills.

I started to enjoy the freedom of using different tactics to engage the audience and speak consciously. Practicing every week really makes a difference.

Who we are
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Members in Charge

Treasurer & Secretary: Jana Mareckova

VP Public Relations: Julius Zinser

VP Membership: Keanu Ryan Gladish

President: Helena Catarina Palma da Neta

Sergeant at Arms: Hilarie Burke

VP Education: Alessandro Cupolo

Picture: (top to bottom, left to right)


Toastmasters St.Gallen
Dufourstrasse 50
9000 St.Gallen
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